"Man is so made that when anything fires his soul, impossibilities vanish." ~ Jean de la Fontaine

I can't leap buildings with a single bound, nor can I fly (contrary to R. Kelly's belief), but I have an unwavering belief that with the right purpose firing my soul, I can do the impossible! This is how I was created!

I was created to teach, yet there is an impossibility looming out there that the educational system in the United States is not trying to embrace a university like the one I have had visions and dreams about. A university where students do not come to learn how to formulate a good resume so they can go out and get a good job in corporate America, but a school where a student can learn how to create their own legal system of wealth and thus totally revolutionize the economics of this nation.

I was created to write, yet there is an impossibility looming out there that making my life the open book it has become is not fodder for good reading, and that no one will want to waste time purchasing a book regarding the wisdom I've picked up over the years, whether by God, observation or experience from learning the hard way.

I was created to encourage others, yet there is an impossibility looming out there that if the weight of my current circumstances cannot be effectively carried to the point where they don't have a detrimental effect on my emotions, I won't have the right or ability to tell someone else, "It's gonna be alright."

But I'm fired up! Fired up to teach, to write, to encourage, to LIVE this life according to the blueprint I've been blessed with! The fires that are affecting my circumstances have done nothing but stoke within me the resolve to become and fulfill what I was created for.

Fire has a destructive quality if not controlled properly. It can burn up and consume all kinds of things if not dealt with immediately. But fire also has a purifying quality that must be turned up to its hottest degree to purify valuable elements like gold and silver. I have made up in my mind that the fires of this life will NOT consume me, but will purify my motives, purpose and drive to make the impossible possible. What about you?