"Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom." ~ Francis Bacon

It's no secret that the Lord has blessed me with a gift for words and intellect. I find it terribly ironic that the very gift I was given has had the tendency to get me in the most trouble. For those of you wondering what your God given gifts are, trouble is definitely a sign! If you or others have misused or abused what is rightfully supposed to be submitted to the Lord, drama is bound to follow!

I've learned that there are those with impure motives will attempt to pimp my gifts for their own benefit. I've also learned that there are those who have truly deluded themselves into thinking that imitation is the highest form of flattery, and will try to copy my gift as opposed to developing their own God given talents (check the record in Romans 11:29...everybody has their own).

Here's the bottom line for me: when it comes to cultivating the gifts I've been blessed with, I refuse to pimp the One Who gave them to me (Jesus) in order to impress anyone else. If my words push you closer to Christ, or motivate you to be who He called you to be, then GREAT. However, I would rather someone cut my tongue out, amputate my hands and fingers, and give me a lobotomy than misuse what I've been given to impress another person.

I don't waste words anymore. Even fools could be misconstrued as wise if they just keep their mouths shut; but my mama didn't raise a fool. I've learned that in order for my words to go out with force and verve, I have to set the stage for them in the quiet solitude of silence.

What about you? How have your gifts gotten you in trouble in the past? Are you trying to impress others, or are you using your gifts for God's glory? Tell me about it!