"Listening to the eternal involves a silence within us." ~ Thomas Kelly

There have been times when I've slept for a full night and awakened the next morning feeling like I haven't received any rest. Worries and concerns were like weeds that choked away every nutrient the repast of sleep was supposed to give me. Although I've never been prone to insomnia, there have been times the cacophony of my inner dialog has been so loud that I arose early--at times 2 or 3 in the morning--and was unable to go back to a peaceful slumber.
In those times of restlessness I had to learn how to clear up all the static in my mind--whether I was thinking about bills, marital issues, my children or work--and listen to the small voice of God. Since I've been able to do that, His eternal voice has sang innumerable sweet lullabies to ease the concern and, as Handel aptly stated, "drive the dark of doubt away."
Learning how to increase the volume of God's glory to its highest decibel was a process:
1. Leave worrying alone. Most of the time, I was creating pictures in my mind of what I thought would happen, and when I actually had to face the music, my worst fears were NEVER realized. I know I'm not the only one who has said, "Man, I did all that worrying for nothing." It just takes up too much energy. Concern is healthy, but constantly worrying about things you have absolutely no control over can kill you!
2. Check the attitude at the door. It makes no sense to carry around negativity as if it's a hot accessory. On any given day, someone or something will have the propensity to set me off, but it's my choice as to whether or not I carry it around after all is said and done.
3. In the awesome words of my friend Antonio Neal, "LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE." It's an individual choice. In the midst of difficulty, there's no need to be difficult. If you've been hurt, it makes no sense to hurt others. Live, laugh and love the hurt and pain away. If you don't know how, shoot me a message...I'll tell you what the Lord told me.
4. Get physical. Go for a walk, play some basketball, make love to your spouse, but do SOMETHING to get those endorphins moving! You would be amazed at how much negativity will melt away with just a little bit of sweat.
My ears are now open to hear beyond the hustle and bustle of daily living. I hear the eternal because I've learned to create within my soul a silence that is ever open to the guidance of the Lord.
How have YOU learned to silence yourself?