Woman 1: Is the glass always half full for you?

Woman 2: Naw, the glass is never half full! I be thirsty, and I'm drinking until it's empty because I need my refill!

~ Tiffani Jones and Harriet Hairston

Right now, I'm in a desert season where it seems like everything is dried up. During this time, I've found that optimism is overrated. It can only take me but so far. If my optimism is maintained, that's great. What's the motivation behind it, though? Is it simply a cliche or mirage for me to show others that I've got it all together? Who am I trying to impress?

Optimism dried up like a river during drought when my current circumstances didn't break like I was hoping they would. I had done EVERYTHING I was supposed to do, and the situation still didn't work in my favor! Optimism can't help something like that. The glass being half full is not helpful if I'm thirsty and need a drink. There has to be something more than my own attitude for me to lean upon.

I've found that Jesus is my Rock in situations where attitude is not enough. These days, optimism is NEVER enough for me! Jesus is the only one I can look to in order to maintain my sanity and well being. He sees my half full/half empty cup and tells me to take a drink so I won't be thirsty anymore. When I'm parched, a half full/half empty cup ain't gonna do NOTHING but make me mad. Pardon the double negatives, but it just is what it is!

I'm in a dry and barren land, and Jesus has the water that will never run dry for me. When it comes down to the nitty gritty, half full/half empty really doesn't matter, because I'm going to drink until I'm no longer parched. When it comes to leaning on Jesus, I'll drink to that!

Well, CSST (can she say that?)...who or what do YOU lean on when optimism and attitude just aren't enough?