"Without God, nothing can be done to its full potential." ~ Dormeka Johnson
Yesterday I posted a story to Black and Married with Kids about how we, as individuals, tend to try to take shortcuts and use what we've been divinely blessed with for the wrong reasons and motivations. I am just as much an example of that as Steve McNair was.
But...I'm still alive, thank God! I was discussing this issue with a young lady, and she made a profound statement that nothing can be done to its full potential without God.

What is the President's full potential? How much further can that trailblazer fulfill his potential with God (or more of Him)? What would happen if we all would get in line and follow the divine path of greatness God reserved for each of us?

Are you working out your full potential? I know I'm not, but this blog is definitely a start. I have officially rejected the corruption of my comfort zone by putting my thought process within a blog for all the world (eventually) to see. My friend who "donated" today's quote is going to be a neurosurgeon. I'm going to be a bestselling author, and university founder. All we have to do is stay in the line God provided for us and take one step at a time to fulfill our God given potential.

What line are you supposed to be in, and how are you taking steps (baby steps, even) to fulfill that potential with God?