"Originality does not consist in saying what no one else has ever said before, but in saying exactly what you think yourself." ~ James Stephens

I love the fact that I have a mind of my own. If I'm offered the kool-aid served by the media, church or amongst family and friends, I know that if I'm the one choosing the flavor. I can choose to drink or not to drink. Personally, I prefer sweet tea, thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of edible preferences, I like my chicken grilled, not fried. I like my toast slightly burnt, and before I put the butter on it, I like to let it cool down so when I bite into it, it still has a crunch (instead of letting the melted butter make my bread soggy). I'm a label whore when it comes to popcorn. The only kind I purchase is Pop Secret Homestyle so I can lick the salt off my fingers once I'm finished. And that's just the beginning of what I lick my chops over.

For example, I'm neither Republican or Democrat. Although I almost caused WWIII with my family (who raised me a Democrat), there are too many other issues that aren't addressed fully by either side for me to pick just one. I'm non-denominational in my Christian beliefs (WWIV for the daughter of a Baptist family), because I don't want to get stuck at one man's revelation without fully seeking God for what's next. He doesn't belong in a box, anyway. He sent His Son so we could be free from that kind of tyranny. Plus, researching how Jesus lived His life shows how He was a man of purpose, unfazed by the bars of popular opinion.

I'm fully aware that such a lifestyle may not be acceptable to some. When I was in the military, I tried to find the smallest things to do to my uniform to make it uniquely mine without violating regulations. I'm not a rebel without a cause...I'm a person with a sui generis, one of a kind personality. Obviously there are boundaries to ensure that I don't cross lines with anyone unnecessarily, but those boundaries are not chains...they're set up to ensure I don't let my mouth write checks that my actions cannot cash.

I love meeting people who know their identity and walk confidently in it, regardless of the backlash it may cause. If that is uniquely you, let it be known in the comments section. What makes you...YOU?