"The highest reward for your work is not what you get for it, but what you become by it." ~ John C. Maxwell

We are currently living in the greatest time in history. With technology, the world has become the size of a golf ball, and by the time I hit "publish" on this article, it has the potential to travel around the world within seconds. AMAZING! Yet there is also an unfortunate mindset that has infected many in this era. It is the thought that what a person DOES is more important than who a person IS.

If you read my profile under "About Me," you will find it full of descriptions regarding who I AM (disciple of Christ, mother, daughter, lover, friend, etc.). Towards the bottom is a description of what I do (human resources). What I do definitely puts food on the table, but the reward each day for my work is knowing that I took full advantage of every opportunity to change a life. In so doing, I become more adept in my God given gift to encourage others and lift up my own spirit in the process.

To see a student go from a defeated attitude to one of victory makes my heart soar. To be able to have a discussion with an individual who feels like the jury is out for them on dedicating their lives to God, and actually flip a switch in their mindset to the point where they're willing to approach Him again...my God, there's nothing like it.

Who have you become as a result of your work? Tell me about it!