"I want to change the world for 300 years after I'm dead and gone." ~ Peter J. Daniels

This life I have been given has very little to do with me. It is a snapshot; a wrinkle in time of what is to come. Therefore, it stands to reason that if I live this life solely focused on what I can get and how I can benefit, then it will have been a waste. There is too much future within a human being to do such a thing!
I mentioned the power that lies within an acorn a few days ago; however, I would be remiss if I didn't discuss HOW the power in that acorn is activated. I found a few interesting facts about acorns on this website.

Only one in 10,000 acorns actually have a chance of becoming a tree.

Although in the forest, this is a daunting fact, in humanity, it's unacceptable! First and foremost, if you're alive, that means you're a survivor! You're the seed that made it through all the bacteria, past all the competition to get to the egg! Congratulations! You did it! That being the case, why in the world would we settle for being ordinary? We had the character to make it through the birth canal; the odds of that happening for many of us were one in 5 - 6 million!!!! We have the mind and capacity to become the trees and forests if we just tap into the correct source of motivation.

Sometimes little insects called weevils plant themselves within the shell of an acorn to prevent it from having the capacity to become a tree in the future, even if all the circumstances are right.

There are times when external circumstances try to eat the very life and destiny out of us, making us hollow and useless. Whether we endured an abusive relationship, or we're working ourselves to death at jobs that mean absolutely nothing to us, we cannot allow external weevils to burrow themselves into our psyches and spirits. The same is true internally. Sometimes we just lie to ourselves! We tell ourselves that we're not good enough; we don't have what it takes; we don't have enough money; someone else can do it better. If that were the case, then why in the world did God choose for US to make it to the egg and not one of the 5 - 6 million other sperm? Think about it! Don't allow weevils to snake their way into your space!

Sometimes the leaves from an oak tree will hide the beneficial qualities of an acorn, causing the acorn to rot and mold on what is supposed to be its life giving source.

Let's take a moment to discuss talent vs. character. Talent can be seen as the leaves, and character as the acorn. I never want my talent to take me where my character cannot keep me. Yes, I'm going to be wealthy, but not at the expense of my integrity. Yes, I'm going to be influential, but not at the sacrifice of what matters the most to me, whether it's my walk with Christ or my family.

Here's the bottom line, though. In order for the acorn to become a tree, it must be able to fall from the branches of one tree and DIE...die to impure motives, selfishness, false humility, discouragement, and whatever other poison that strips its potential to become like the very thing it drew its own life from.

That's why I choose to die daily. I choose to live this life like I'm raising my great-great-great-great grandchildren, even down to a thousand generations. Acorns are cute, but oak trees are their source. I want to develop seeds of love and righteousness that will perpetuate on this earth for years to come.