"How long should you try? Until." ~ Jim Rohn

Until (conjunction): Up to the time that; up to such time as. ~ Merriam-Webster.com

Sometimes I get tired of waiting. I get tired of my expectations going unfulfilled. Yet there is a Spirit within me that refuses to give up hope. The Lord always finds a way to speak to me just before I stop believing.

He takes my eyes off the circumstances at hand, gives me a corneal implant so I can see things from His point of view. From WAY down it the holes I sometimes create for myself to WAY up in eternity, where worries, doubts and regrets cannot dwell.

In eternity, the oxygen is thin, but the law of gravity does not exist, either. What goes up in pray STAYS up until divine help and assistance forces the answers back down to the atmosphere so I can breathe again. The problem many people have is they QUIT when they cannot breathe as opposed to holding their breath just a little while longer until the help comes.

The ironic thing is, when I'm up there where God is, looking at the struggle way down here, I suffer some sort of encephelopathy (a disorder that results from a lack of oxygen to parts of the brain). I literally lose the part of my mind that would dare to worry, doubt, fret and be vexed. Yet God always implants more of Himself to the parts that go missing during my journey.

How long should I hold my breath while viewing my life from eternity?