Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to introduce you to my friend Roland Moore of Shreveport, LA who wrote today's blog post as my guest. Enjoy and be blessed!

It seems to me that everyone loves signs. A sign--like a picture--is worth a thousand words. Signs also say to the world "Hey this is what I belong too, I'm a part of this, I represent this, this is who I am." I believe a lot of people enjoy signs because they can be identified with a group or something bigger than them.

We love reading, recognizing, and--in the urban vernacular--"throwing them up." Whether we're chunking up the deuces (or the old fashioned peace sign) or even acknowledging someone with a subtle head nod, the signs are everywhere!

At times, these symbols of solidarity seem to drive the "older" generation crazy. I can hear one of them saying now, "Boy what's that mean?" like they don't know (insert a non-verbal sign of rolled eyes here).

Some signs symbolize gangs, schools, neighborhoods, regions, fraternities, sororities...I could go on and on. With that being said why don't Christians have or "throw up" signs so that they can be recognized?

I mean sure...we have our fair share of bumper stickers, t-shirts, Jesus plates with the clever fish hidden in them, etc. We've even had the WWJD wrist bands that blew up in the 90's. But why don't we have a sign?

Well actually we do. We have the most identifiable, real, genuine, and giving sign of all: LOVE. Jesus said Himself (and I'm paraphrasing, of course) that we should love one another like He loves us and by this ALL will know that we are His. That was in John 13:34-35 but ALL throughout this book of a love story that is called the Bible we are taught love, how to love, and whom we should love.

Here's a little quiet hint as to whom we should love....EVERYONE. And when we show that sign, THEN all will recognize what we're a part of, Who we belong to and what we represent. Some signs or words seem to just jump off the billboards and right into our hearts or very souls. They give us a warm fuzzy feeling like hot chocolate on a winter day.

Leave it up to God to equip us with a sign that when we throw it up, it not only represents what we claim/profess but also changes the very lives of the people who see--better yet, experience--it.

I've got nothing but love for you and anyone else who reads this. And I only love because God first loved me and accepted me into His family.

Glory to God. Put a high five and shoot the deuces on THAT.