"Only those who look with the eyes of children can lose themselves in the object of their wonder." ~ Eberhard Arnold

My son learns a lesson with every step he takes. His three year old mind is a sponge longing to be saturated with awe and wonder at the way things are put together (and--conversely--how they are taken apart).

Oh, that my eyes could see the glory of the wonder and curiosity within the heart of a child. I would persist when the world or my circumstances told me "no" time and time again. I would fight with all that is in me to stay awake for fear of missing something grand. I would shriek in delight at the newness of what adults would deem mundane (my son has a thing for the empty paper towel rolls). I would lose myself in my own symphony, and upon every stumble, I would arise and dance even harder!

Being an adult is a good thing, but the faith, imagination and awe of a young child is what GREATNESS is made of. My prayer is to match my adult attention span to the awe and even mischievousness of a child. My vision and imagination would expand, and as a result, NOTHING would be impossible for me.

I think my son is onto something...